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Ultrafaux ~~~ The Ruby Brunettes

Baltimore gypsy jazz trio Ultrafaux and Columbia's The Ruby Brunettes will share the stage once again at Conundrum Music Hall.

Baltimore band UltraFaux performs original acoustic music with Romani, Sinti, Musette, Swing Manouche, Funk, Blues, and Dixieland influences. The band is an acoustic powerhouse of two guitars and upright bass. Sami Arefin and Michael Joseph Harris trade dazzling leads and harmonize together on rich gypsy-inspired melodies. The dynamic Eddie Hrybyk on upright bass holds down the steady swinging pulse and brings his passion for improvisation to the group.

Ever wonder why they named the band Ultrafaux? Here is the story:

Their friend Tomas from Orchester Praževica suggested the name UltraFaux on their FB site when they asked fans for the best band name. They kept coming back to Tomas' suggestion, noticing the various layers of meaning it could have. It was also unique and unmistakable. Ultrafaux means 'out of tune' in French which is just funny. Like naming a restaurant 'bitter' or something. The juxtaposition of the fox with the word 'faux' also kind of hints at our notorious mispronunciation of French words here in the states. Another important element is that it alludes to Django Reinhardt's composition 'Ultrafox', one of Django's first originals he recorded in 1935. Django was known for his play on words and the title Ultrafox was based on the name of the studio where they recorded called Ultraphone. Ultraphone sounds a lot like Ultrafaux doesn't it? So we have come full circle.

It was the song Ultrafox (and other original compositions) that really set Django's Hot Club of France apart from all the other Jazz bands at the time. So the name means a variety of things for the band. Its a funny play on words, but it also signifies their move into the arena of original music much like the song Ultrafox did for Django's group in 1935.

Friday, March 6 2015
8:30pm (doors at 8pm)
$12 in advance RIGHT HERE / $15 at the door

The Power Co. Collaborative

The Power Company Collaborative will present a one night outdoor collection of our most recent dance works at Conundrum Music Hall on Saturday March 7th, 2015 @ 7:00 pm.

We will be presenting work by Erin Bailey, Amanda Ling, and Ashlee Taylor.

Entry is $10 general admission and $7 with a student ID at the door. Beer and wine will be for sale inside the event.

Come see what PoCoCo has been up to lately!

7pm (doors at Saturday, March 7 2015)
$10 General Public / $7 Students

Der Wawawa ~~~
Keefe Jackson & Jeb Bishop

Der Wawawa:
Rico Baumann, Drums; Marco Mülle, Bass; Benedikt Reisin, Saxophone.
They've fished in troubled waters in Lüneburg thwarted bad weather on a Vorarlberg meadow with their rainfall-resistant rhythms, and dared to eat andouillette sausage before going on stage at the La Défense Jazz Festival in Paris. They've been on the road together making music for more than ten years, but the long years haven't taken the spring out of their step. Rumor has it they're still "one of the freshest and most agile saxophone trios since Sonny Rollins forgot to give his pianist directions to the gig" - (Jazzthing)

Sunday, March 8 2015
9pm (doors at 8:30pm)

Musician and Songwriters Guild of South Carolina present
3/9 Songwriter Showcase

The Musician and Songwriters Guild of South Carolina ( is pleased to celebrate the talent of the Guild and support the growing culture of local music aficianados by hosting a "Songwriter Showcase" event. This showcase will feature three exceptionally talented Guild members "in the round": Laurence "Luckyman" Beall, Susanne Kappler and Tom Coolidge.

Monday, March 9 2015
7pm to 9:30pm (doors at 6:30pm)

Ava Mendoza's Unnatural Ways

Unnatural Ways is the main project of Brooklyn-based guitarist Ava Mendoza. Originally formed in early 2012 in Oakland, CA as a trio with west coast musicians Dominique Leone- keys and Nick Tamburro (Dead Science)- drums, the band toured steadily in the U.S. and Europe before Mendoza relocated to NY in 2013. Soon after the move, she reformed the band with NY musicians Tim Dahl- bass and Max Jaffe- drums.

In the last year Unnatural Ways has toured in the U.S., Canada and Europe surrounding performances at the 2014 Victoriaville Festival in Canada and the 2014 Moers Festival in Germany. Over the course of these shows the band developed their highly personal sound; sharp, heavy, and psychedelic.

Drawing from complex rock, avant jazz and warped blues music, the players push the boundaries of their own vocabularies and of the written music to put on powerful and unpredictable live shows. Their self-titled full-length LP will be released on the New Atlantis label (William Hooker, Microwaves, Elliott Sharp) in Feb. 2015.

Thursday, March 12 2015
9pm (doors at 8:30pm)



Three stages set up around the room.
Audience in the middle.
Each act does one song per round.
No openers.
No headliners.
Non-stop action.

Friday, March 13 2015
9pm (doors at 8:30pm)

Cathy Stayman Productions and bigSphinx Productions present

Anne McCue ~~~
Marv Ward and The Blessed Souls

Bluesy songstress and multi-instrumentalist Anne McCue has just recorded her 6th studio album -Blue Sky Thinkin' - with co-producer Dusty Wakeman (Lucinda Williams, Dwight Yoakam) in Los Angeles. The album has been mastered by Ray Kennedy in Nashville. The album reunites the band from her critically acclaimed 'Roll' album and allows Anne to explore some of her favourite influences, including Billy Holiday, Charlie Christian, Howlin' Wolf, Albert King, Nick Drake, Astor Piazzola, Peggy Lee, Bessie Smith.

"I've been a fan of guitarist/singer/songwriter Annie McCue for many years so I'm very honored and happy about singing with her on a damn fine song for her upcoming album. She wrote the song with John Hadley and the brilliant David Olney. You can't go wrong with such talent." - Dave Alvin

"I had done some gigs with Annie McCue out in California and thought that besides her phenomenal playing and great songs she had a unique presence. She has an angelic quality to her but also a Charlie Chaplin-esque vibe. Fearless and tender and alluring." - David Olney

Veteran blues guitarist Marv Ward grew up in the small town of Lorton, Virginia. He played his first gig at 10 and started performing professionally at age 16. He's played in literally dozens of bands over the past 45 years and has secured his place among bluesmen with his straight-forward no-nonsense blues style. It's a little bit Delta, a litle bit Piedmont, a whole lot of R&B, but mostly, it's straight up Rev. Marv Ward.

Tuesday, March 17 2015
6:30pm to 9:30pm
Hors d'oeuvres at 6:30
$12 in advance RIGHT HERE / $15 at the door

Bruce Molsky

To play traditional music, you've got to be something of a folklorist, hand-selecting songs learned from field recordings, festivals, and old-timers. Bruce Molsky goes above and beyond: the world's premier old-time fiddler walks around with a library's worth of lyrics and music humming in his head. Molsky's brand of "global folk" has led to stints with the GRAMMY-nominated Fiddlers 4 and the Irish, Hungarian, and Dutch musicians of the supergroup Mozaik.

His latest work is a collaboration with the group Anonymous 4, a new CD entitled 1865 - Songs of Hope and Home from the American Civil War.

Thursday, March 19 2015
7:30pm (doors at 7:00pm)
$12 advance / $15 at the door

The Writer's Block Poetry Show featuring Tavis Brunson

The first in a series of monthly shows featuring the very talented member of The Unusual Suspects, Tavis P Brunson hosted by Queen It Shall Be.

Each month on the 4th Wednesday, this show will include an open mic, a segment called The Showdown and a feature.

The show will be begin promptly at 7:00 PM sharp! Sign-up for the open mic begins at 6:45 PM.

Tickets are $5.00 in advance and $7.00 at the door. Refreshments will be available for purchase within the venue.

Contact Queen It Shall Be for tickets at 770.727.5717, FB inbox or email at

See you there!

Wednesday, March 25 2015
7pm (doors at 6:45pm)
$5 in advance / $7 at the door

Kenosha Kid

In Thomas Pynchon's novel Gravity's Rainbow, the Kenosha Kid is a maddeningly ambiguous figure: it might be a cowboy, or a dance, or a Sodium Amytal-induced hallucination (or all of the above). Guitarist/composer Dan Nettles (who, by the way, has never been to Kenosha, WI) conceived his namesake band with similarly uncategorizable intentions. This Kenosha Kid might be an indie rock band, could be a modernist jazz ensemble, can probably be considered a jam band, and most definitely is all of the above.

All of those different identities emerge at different times (and, very often, several at once) on Kenosha Kid's new album, Inside Voices, due out March 3rd. The album is the first of two planned releases (the second, Outside Choices, will follow in 2016) to result from a week of intensive exploration in Nettles' native Athens, Georgia.

"We're kind of a family band", Nettles says. "I tell everybody, 'Do your thing and we're going to showcase that.' It's always a joy to be with these guys, and it always knocks me out that they want to come play."

As celebratory as much of the music sounds, it was also born out of its share of hard times. Nettles' mother passed away after an 18-month battle, and when he thought about recording again it was with one question in mind: "What would make my mom happy?" The answer was to create music in ideal circumstances with some of Nettles' favorite collaborators.

Gathering his core triomates, bassist Robby Handley and drummer Marlon Patton, and a trio of horn players who he met through the Banff Workshop in Jazz & Creative Music -- Mexico City trumpeter Jacob Wick, Berlin-based alto saxophonist Peter Van Huffel, and Seattle tenor/baritone saxophonist Greg Sinibaldi -- Nettles arranged for a six-night residency at Hendershot's Coffee that allowed the band to gig by night and record by day. The arrangement allowed Kenosha Kid to enjoy the best of both worlds -- stretching out with lengthy improvisations and experiments each evening, boiling the results down to concise, focused statements the next afternoon. The former are evident in a number of live recordings available on Nettles' website, while the latter make up Inside Voices and its upcoming companion piece.

"We have this wild, sprawling performance thing", Nettles explains, "but the studio is an instrument. I knew the players that I was writing for could really craft something for a five-minute window that would be interesting to listen to all the way through but at the same time have moments of wild improvisation that work within those compositional ideas."

Nettles claims that he only writes three types of songs: Action, Comedy, and Goodbye. Inside Voices' opening track, the atmospheric "Vanishing Point" is one of the latter; the oldest composition, it appeared on Kenosha Kid's 2005 debut Projector and is, Nettles says, "about being at peace with change. It's sad, but I feel like it's also uplifting. It's a song about finding the beauty of being able to say goodbye properly." On the flipside is a song like "Zombie Party", a raucous slice of surf-rock slapstick that imagines the undead romping poolside.

"Fabrication" was inspired by Nettles' "brushes with insanity", which he recounts in both his family and in the musical community. The song is built on the shaky ground of a 7/4 ostinato to, the guitarist says, "explore some of the dark places that your mind can create." Another Goodbye song, "Liberty Bell" uses a touch of southern-rock drawl to the uneasiness that can accompany freedom -- especially when it's unexpected.

The range of Nettles' influences can be summarized by a song like "Map of the Universe", which draws inspiration from both the classical guitar music of Cuban composer Leo Brouwer and from Sacred Songs, Daryl Hall's little-known debut solo album produced by King Crimson mastermind Robert Fripp. The abstract funk of "Mushmouth" pays homage to both James Brown and Fat Albert's Junkyard Gang; the palindromic closer "Everyone I Know" to Nine Inch Nails by way of Johnny Cash (the song's title is drawn from the lyrics to Nine Inch Nails' "Hurt", memorably covered by the country legend).

Thursday, March 26 2015
9pm (doors at 8:30pm)