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Friday, September 5 2014
9pm (doors at 8:30pm)

The New Edition feat. H3RO, Mark Carson, Jigg Nevermind, and Jawan LIVE!!!

Saturday, September 6 2014
9pm (doors at 8pm)
$6 / $4 w/ Student ID

Salvo / Height With Friends / Karmessiah / Eze Jackson / Tribe One

08:30 - Tribe One with Malibu Shark Attack!
09:15 - Eze Jackson
09:45 - Karmessiah.
10:30 - Height With Friends
11:15 - Salvo

Tribe One with Malibu Shark Attack (yolocore)

Eze Jackson (futurecore)

Karmessiah (lushcore)

Height With Friends (radcore)

Salvo (noisecore)

Thursday, September 11 2014
8:30pm (doors at 8pm)

Workshop in Free Improv Music

Jeb Bishop, James Falzone, Dan Ruccia, and David Menestres will conduct a workshop in free improv music before Friday night's concert, from 7:00pm to 8:30. All instruments and all levels of proficiency are welcome! The workshop will cost $10, and all participants will get free admission to the 9pm concert.

Jeb Bishop (trombone) is of course well known to Columbia audiences, having played here on many occasions, in various improv situations; while James Falzone (clarinet) has appeared here before with Tim Daisy's Vox Arcana. The two have worked together extensively in Chicago over the years, and both have long careers performing internationally. Dan Ruccia (viola) and David Menestres (bass) are members of Distemper along with Jeb.

For more info, contact or call (803) 250-1295.

Friday, September 12 2014
7pm (doors at 6:30pm)

James Falzone, Clarinet ~~~ Distemper (Jeb Bishop, trombone / David Menestres, bass / Dan Ruccia, viola)

James Falzone, Clarinet has dedicated a large part of his work, especially since 2011, to solo playing and the development of a long-form work he calls Sighs Too Deep For Words. His solo work is a synthesis of the improvised and the composed and often incorporates multiple clarinets (Bb, Eb, prepared), ritual and singing bowls/bells, shruti box, and other ambient sound makers. He has toured with his solo project extensively, often in conjunction with workshops and masterclasses on improvisation at universities, colleges, and music schools.

Distemper: Well-known to Columbia audiences, North Carolina-based musician Jeb Bishop has performed, toured and recorded with groups including the Vandermark Five, the Peter Brötzmann Chicago Tentet, Ted Sirota's Rebel Souls, Terminal Four,School Days, Ken Vandermark's Territory Band, Rob Mazurek's Exploding Star Orchestra, Globe Unity Orchestra, and his own Jeb Bishop Trio. He also co-led the Lucky 7s project with New Orleans-based trombonist Jeff Albert, and is a member of cooperative quartet The Engines.
Tonight he brings his NC friends David Menestres on bass and Dan Ruccia on viola.

Friday, September 12 2014
9pm (doors at 8:30pm)

Le Rex

The music of Le Rex reveals a spectacular kaleidoscope of crispy popgrooves, balkanese horn riffs, intoxicating and frisky rhythm'n'blues parts and the sweet bitterness of leaden ballads. Even though the five musicians play without any electricity, they definitely are electrifying at all times. After recording two CDs with transportable equipment at different locations, the first capturing the French summer at the beaches of the island Corsica, in cow fields and forest with cicades, the second recorded all over Switzerland, playing street music and clubs, scrap yards, on farms, rest stops etc., they will record their new material in Chicago on this occasion. Le Rex' breath-taking soloists and adventurous music fascinates not only on their road trips, but also brought them to festivals and club tours all over Europe and the States.

Wednesday, September 17 2014
9pm (doors at 8:30pm)

TURKU In Concert for Two Nights!

Performing "300 Year Old Rock & Roll from the Cradle of Civilization" TURKU's saz, bass and layered percussion are the raw energy in their music. Farzad Farhangi's soaring, yet contemplative violin is the burning nuance swirling above that sea of churning rhythm.

TURKU formed in Columbia, SC in 1996, released its first album, "Alleys of Istanbul" in 1998, followed by "Nomads of the Silk Road" in 2000, and "Ozlem" in 2004." TURKU is working on its fourth album. TURKU has performed for audiences as large as 25,000 from San Francisco to New York City to Samarkand, Uzbekistan in Central Asia.

TURKU, Nomads of the Silk Road will perform vibrant selections from their past and upcoming recordings, featuring music from Turkish, Persian, Kurdish, Azeri, and neighboring cultures in a 2-night engagement at Conundrum Music Hall in West Columbia, South Carolina on September 19 & 20.

Friday & Saturday, September 19 & 20, 2014
8:30pm (doors at 8pm)
$10 in advance RIGHT HERE / $12 at the door

A Day of Peace: Songs, Prose, and Prayers

In conjunction with the United Nations' annual International Day of Peace -- September 21 -- there will be music, songs, poetry, readings, and silent and spoken prayers for peace.

Come to share in the love and fellowship, with new and old friends, as we sing and speak and pray for peace among all peoples. Not only between nations, but in our homes, at work, in our schools and on our streets .... throughout our daily lives.

Musicians, poets , writers, clerics, people of all cultures and ethnicities and religious persuasions, are invited to participate.

A donation of $3.00 or more, fro m all, including those who share their talent, is requested, to help pay for the facility and its staff. Collections after that will be donated to the United Nations-affiliated non-profit organization, Pathways to Peace. Musicians/Poets/Readers wanted -- please contact Jean Ray Williams, via PM, to be added to the program.

Sunday, September 21 2014
5pm (doors at 4:30pm)